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Miller's Exterior Paint

Acri-Lite is our go to exterior Miller Paint. Acri-Lite™ has been the quality standard for exterior painting in the Northwest for more than 45 years. Made from the highest quality acrylic resin, Acri-Lite is Miller's most popular and widely used exterior paint. 100% acrylic, superb adhesion, washability and coverage make it ideal for showcase buildings or any commercial or residential building.

 Kril™ is Miller's classic, 100% acrylic, high-build exterior paint. It has strong adhesion, good durability and exceptional color retention. Kril is available in four sheens and an extensive color selection. It is ideal for any commercial or residential building, including those with wood, concrete, stucco, or manufactured siding.

EVOLUTION® by Miller Paint Company is Miller's Finest 100% Pure Acrylic Exterior Coating. Evolution is our most superior coating for exterior commercial and residential wood, composite and metal surfaces. Formulated with 100% Pure Acrylic for superior adhesion, washability, flow, color retention, Miller's exclusive lifetime warranty and peace of mind knowing you have chosen the best. 

Agate Beach Paint offers high quality Marine grade paint at an affordable price. Spar Enamel is Miller's marine grade enamel for boats or anywhere a high gloss durable finish is needed. Available in all of Miller's colors, safety colors and color matching also available.